The key task was timely performed by JSC “Concern Titan-2” SMU-2 employees.

60 to 150 specialists were simultaneously involved into the inner containment construction depending on the erected structure complexity. Most part of them have participated in construction of the first LNPP-2 power unit. Today, these specialists keep working on the second power unit reactor building.

Inner containment is provided for ensuring leak tightness of the reactor building interior at all the NPP working modes, including emergency ones. Inner containment consists of pre-stressed reinforced concrete. It is 1200mm thick. Once inner containment concreting had been finalized, the height of the reactor building reached 68 meters. At this elevation, “Titan-2” flag was raised as a symbol of company’s labor victory.

“Today a key event is happening at the second power unit. The last cubic meter of the process concrete – heavy, serious and complex – was laid. Standing at this elevation, we are urging the industry management to preserve the competence gained by our construction personnel at the first and second power units and decide on construction of units 3 & 4” - said Grigoriy Naginskiy, “Concern Titan-2” CEO.

Next stage is construction of outer containment. It’s equally complex structure is to be erected by two simultaneously raised tiers. Construction works will be ongoing during the year.


Titan-2 Holding is the largest in the North-West group of companies, constructing the most important nuclear industry and power facilities. The company performs a full range of construction and installation works from engineering to commissioning.

Titan-2 Holding is the general contractor for the construction of the Leningrad NPP-2 power units. The Holding Companies perform all the civil, installation, and electrical works at a construction site. The works are carried out in the reactor, turbine, power supply, water supply, heat cogeneration buildings and other power unit structures.