Throughout 2017, TITAN-2 Holding Company subsidiaries’ teams were making extensive preparations for this major process step.

The first criticality means bringing the reactor to the minimum controlled power level and conducting required physical experiments under a relevant program.

During cold and hot functional tests of the reactor plant preceding the first criticality, TITAN-2 Holding Company experts supported commissioning. Then at the audit stage, they prepared the equipment and pipelines for the pre-service inspection.

Currently, the Holding Company employees are completing installation of equipment and pipelines included into the first criticality program. As-built documentation for the installed equipment is being submitted. Final finishing of the premises and their handover are being completed.

After the first criticality, Titan-2 staff will continue the work at the unit 1 of the LNPP under construction. They will have to perform lots of construction and finishing activities for the buildings not included into the first criticality program. The full project scope of works for the first criticality should be completed in May 2018 by commissioning of the power unit 1.