The contractor is Titan-2’s sub-contractor Tallqvist Infra Oy.

The material to be crushed originates e.g. from the power plant area pit, and it will be used in the roadbeds and embankments in the Hanhikivi peninsula area, among other things.

A movable crushing station will be located at the tip of the Hanhikivi peninsula, within the site fence. The crushing of rock materials may cause discomfort to the residents in the immediate surroundings; this will be mitigated with noise barriers and positioning of the station.
The rock crushing work is included in the environmental permit granted by the Pyhäjoki municipality for the excavation and crushing of rock materials. According to the permit, crushing work can proceed seven days a week.

The dust, noise, and vibration generated by the crushing of rock materials will be monitored through a monitoring scheme approved by the environmental officer of the Pyhäjoki municipality. The continuous monitoring and comparison to threshold values is the responsibility of the plant supplier RAOS Project. The furthest measurement points are located in the vicinity of the nearest residential areas.

Fennovoima has informed the inhabitants in the neighbouring area by mail of the start of the work.

Further information:

Titan-2: Mihail Tchitcherin, PR-Manager, +358 40 515 1137