On the morning of Thursday, 6th October 2016, during dredging works in waters near the future Hanhikivi-1 NPP, the Hans barge, which belongs to Terramare, a subcontractor carrying out hydraulic works as part of the project, was involved in an accident in which part of the propeller broke off upon contact with the sea base. As a result of this, up to 300 litres of oil rose to the seawater surface.

In connection with this incident works has been stopped on the Hanhikivi peninsula.

Titan-2 pays particular attention to environmental protection and safety procedures during production. For Titan-2 it is also very important that its partner companies share these values.

"Each irregular situation during workflow needs an immediate reaction. This is especially the case with cases that have an impact on the environment. We have a strict agreement with Terramare about this," stressed Evgeniy Kaminskiy, Executive Director of the Finnish branch of Titan-2.

Terramare Oy has stopped works to allow for an investigation of the incident to be carried out and amendments to be made to the safety culture.

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