Today, there ongoing work on all buildings and structures: the water supply and heating systems for the site are being implemented; the technical specifications for hooking up the gas have been received. The installation of the outdoor lighting system and the lighting for tower cranes is nearing completion, and the gas pipeline and water mains have been completed.

A significant amount of in-situ concrete works was completed this year; TITAN workers have begun a key milestone work – blockwork for outer walls of the main building. Three out of nine in-situ blocks for the main building have been completed by now, and six blocks are in process.

TITAN is planning to start installing the outside scaffolding and proceed to façade work in February of the next year. Moreover, the design solution for reinforced floors inside both buildings has changed; this work is 80% completed, to be finished in November. This will also allow masons and utility installers to start the subsequent work.

There is about 240 TITAN personnel working on the site, but the plan is to increase the number of workers up to 340 by the end of the year. The amount of equipment involved is growing as well.

Mikhail Zemlyakov, Director for Construction of the Federal Rehabilitation Centre for Children at JSC CONCERN TITAN-2, said:

“We work on the “turnkey” basis. Therefore, everything should be there by the time the facility is put into operation: the process equipment, the medical equipment and the utility equipment, i.e. the things required for the centre to be fully operational. TITAN-2 is responsible for procurement, installation and adjustment of the equipment. Besides, there is a special focus on safety. This is our priority. The occupational health and safety specialists enforce safety requirements on the site. We also work with the builders. Our goal is to warn our employees and protect their health and their lives. So, our safety culture is up to the mark.”

For information:

The TITAN-2 Holding is a Russian group of companies that builds nuclear facilities. Organisations of the Holding perform the whole cycle of works, from development of basic design documentation to facility commissioning.

The TITAN-2 Holding is the general contractor for construction of the new power units of the Leningrad NPP. At the construction site, the organisations of the Holding perform all civil construction, installation, and electric installation works.

The Holding participates in the construction of Akkuyu NPP in Turkey, Paks II NPP in Hungary and El-Dabaa NPP in Egypt.