Today, 34 buildings and structures are being built on the site. The concreting of the foundations of the technologically complex buildings has been completed; the work on vertical structures is starting.

The main part of the concreting on the SRF SKIF site was done in July – September. The tunnel and the foundation of the main collector building are nearing completion.

The total amount of concreting planned for 2023 is about 55,000 cubic metres. Over 40,000 cubic metres have been completed, which is one of the best results among subdivisions of TITAN-2 Holding.

The concrete delivered to the SKIF site is produced according to especially developed design charts that envisage the use of special inert materials and additives. Each concrete grade was designed for a particular structure. This is necessary to increase the strength of buildings and structures of the future scientific facility.

“One of the main tasks on the site is to maintain the rapid rate of the construction without losing quality. We are using various work processes to save time. For instance, instead of element-by-element reinforcement, we produce modular reinforcement blocks, which are then used in installation. We use ring and weld joints when we reinforce walls and foundations, which saves us a substantial amount of time. The builders are working ahead of schedule; we are planning to maintain the dynamics till the construction of the project is completed,” said Dmitry Goncharov, Director of the Own Resources Directorate of the SKIF Program of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2.

For information:

The TITAN-2 Holding is a Russian group of companies that builds nuclear facilities. Organisations of the Holding perform the whole cycle of works, from development of basic design documentation to facility commissioning.

The TITAN-2 Holding is the general contractor for construction of the new power units of the Leningrad NPP. At the construction site, the organisations of the Holding perform all civil construction, installation, and electric installation works.

The Holding participates in the construction of Akkuyu NPP in Turkey, Paks II NPP in Hungary and El-Dabaa NPP in Egypt.