Pumping station is a set of structures intended to supply sea water to the main process areas of the nuclear power plant. They constitute a part of the onshore hydraulic structures system of the Akkuyu NPP. Four pumping stations will be built in total, one station for each power unit of the NPP.

The pumping station foundation slab is designed to be located at elevation -16.5 meters below the sea level. In order to withstand the pressure of the sea water the construction works are carried out under protection of concrete diaphragms 1 m thick, which walls are retained securely with three rows of special fixtures – anchor ties. The height of the superstructure of the building will be more than 11 meters, where as the main process equipment and the water intake part will be located under the ground.

Arrangement of the pit of the pumping station was preceded by the auxiliary works package: sea filling, construction of fencing walls, construction of an embankment for protection against storms. After that, the pit was excavated to the depth of 22 meters, on which bottom the base of the foundation was installed till elevation -16.5 m – the concrete bedding.

In total, about 30 thousand cubic meters of concrete will be casted to form the foundation slab of the building.

Construction of the foundation slab of the power unit 2 of the Akkuyu NPP will start in the beginning of the next year. At the same time, preparations are underway for the construction of pumping stations for power units 3 and 4 of the Akkuyu NPP.

Information and photos by: JSC Akkuyu Nuclear