The Agency is closely cooperating with the Holding within the Akkuyu NPP construction project - the first nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey. The general contractor for construction is the Joint Venture TITAN2 IC ICTAS INSAAT ANONIM SIRKETI (T2IC), which unites the Turkish company Ictac and the TITAN-2 Holding.

The Turkish Nuclear Regulatory Agency representatives inspected the workshop production of TITAN TECHNOLOGY PIPELINE, where the metal structures for the Akkuyu NPP construction site are manufactured, as well as they met with Grigoriy Naginskiy, General Director of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2.

TITAN TECHNOLOGY PIPELINE manufactures the reactor inner containment tiers and other structures for the Akkuyu NPP. They are delivered to the construction site by sea, assembled on site into a single tier, and then installed on the reactor building. At present, the inner containment elements have been manufactured for the Akkuyu NPP Power units Nos. 1,2,3. Each product item undergoes a multi-stage quality control from both: the Russian and the Turkish sides.


The "TITAN-2" Holding is the Russian group of companies constructing nuclear power facilities. The Holding's organizations carry out a full work cycle - from design documentation development to a facility commissioning.

The "TITAN-2" Holding acts as the general contractor for the new power units’ construction of the Leningrad nuclear power plant. The Holding organizations perform the civil construction, installation and electrical works at the construction site.

The Holding is the main contractor for the Hanhikivi 1 NPP construction in Finland and the Akkuyu NPP in Turkey within the Russian-Turkish Joint Venture T2IC.