The turbine unit foundation structure consists of the bottom foundation slab, twenty reinforced concrete columns about 20 meters in height and the upper foundation slab resting on 89 vibration isolators.

Specialists were concreting the upper foundation slab within about two days operating the four concrete pumps at the same time. Four laboratory stations of PJSC SUS construction laboratory were continuously monitoring the parameters of the concrete mixture to comply with the specified characteristics. Upon completion of concreting, the structure temperature was being monitored in 108 temperature boreholes every two hours throughout the whole period of concrete strengthening.

“By its responsibility and complexity, turbine unit foundation is the top structure out of all in the turbine hall. Specialists had to perform the reinforcement and pour 2.5 thousand cubic meters of concrete into the structure at the height of 17 meters. Therewith, it was quite important to strictly follow the concreting procedure and abide by all measures to be taken in terms of curing the concreted foundation of the turbine unit”, noted Danila Rashchenko, Head of the Production and Technical Division of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 Directorate for Construction of Facilities in Kursk Oblast.

Next task is completion of installation of the turbine building's wall siding made of sandwich panels and installation of the temporary heating networks aimed at providing the thermal envelope of the turbine hall necessary to commence the works on turbine installation.


The TITAN-2 Holding represents a group of Russian companies constructing the nuclear power facilities. Organisations of the Holding perform the whole cycle of works, from development of basic design documentation to facility commissioning.

The TITAN-2 Holding acts as the General Contractor responsible for construction of the new power units of the Leningrad NPP. At the construction site, the organisations of the Holding perform all civil construction, installation, and electric installation works.

The Holding is the Main Contractor at the construction of the Hanhikivi-1 NPP in Finland and of the Akkuyu NPP in Turkey as part of the Russian-Turkish Joint Venture T2IC.