In the scope of preparation for installation works, the specialists installed the Terex Demag CC6800 lifting crane with the maximum load capacity of 1250 tonnes.

“Initially, we had to prepare the site for crane installation. We also needed additional space to assemble the crane boom because it should be assembled on the ground and then lifted into the vertical position. Soil was backfilled, foundation was compacted to required parameters and then we placed metal sheets on which the crane is going to move,” said Mikhail Cherepenya, lifting mechanisms site supervisor.


The TITAN-2 holding is a Russian group of companies that builds nuclear facilities. Organisations of the holding perform the whole cycle of works, from development of basic design documentation to facility commissioning.

The TITAN-2 holding is the general contractor for construction of the new power units of the Leningrad NPP. At the construction site, the organisations of the holding perform all civil construction, installation, and electric installation works.

The holding is the main contractor at the construction of the Hanhikivi 1 NPP in Finland and of the Akkuyu NPP in Turkey.