For Holding TITAN-2, this power unit became the second self-constructed one. Specialists of all the holding subsidiaries participated in construction, assembly, electrical installation and pre-commissioning work at this nuclear facility.

In a solemn ceremony, the first nuclear fuel magazine was loaded into the reactor vessel. The milestone event took place in the presence of Andrey Petrov, Concern Rosenergoatom Director, Vladimir Pereguda, Director of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, Grigory Naginsky, CEO of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2, and representatives of all organizations involved in the construction and preparation of the new power unit for the first criticality achievement.

During the first criticality achievement, the reactor plant is brought to the minimum controlled power level of 1%, then the necessary equipment tests begin. No electricity is generated at this stage.

The new power unit of the Leningrad NPP was preliminary inspected by Rostechnadzor. Following the inspection, a license was obtained to operate a nuclear plant without generation, that is, the reactor first criticality.

Specialists of the Holding TITAN-2 companies continue to work at the facilities of the new power unit under construction, which are not involved in the first criticality operation. The full design scope of work on the unit will be completed by its commercial operation date. It is scheduled for next year.

Background Information:

Holding TITAN-2 is a Russian group of companies building nuclear facilities. Holding companies perform a full cycle of work - from the development of design documentation to the commissioning of the facility.

Holding TITAN-2 is a general contractor for the construction of new power units of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. Holding companies perform all general construction, installation and electrical work at the construction site.

The Holding is a main contractor for the construction of Hanhikivi 1 NPP in Finland and Akkuyu NPP in Turkey.