The specialists are constructing the turbine building for the first and second power unit.

First unit turbine building superstructure is under construction. Titan employees commenced building frame metal structures installation. As of now, 200 tonnes of metal structures have been installed. One component weighs approximately 22 tonnes. JSC Concern Titan-2 lifting equipment is used during installation.

On June, 25th, Chief Engineer of the nuclear fuel exporter affiliate TENEX Japan Co, Mr. N. Tadzuke, and SC Rosatom Deputy Director for PSR Development, N. Antonov, visited the Kursk NPP-2 construction site. Mr. Tadzuke knew about the PSR standards application at the Kursk NPP-2 and made some improvement suggestions.

At the meeting, the Head of JSC Concern Titan-2 branch for Kursk region facilities construction, Pavel Ivaskov, reported on the operational control bench and analysis of the first unit turbine building under construction.


Titan-2 Holding is the largest in the North-West group of companies, constructing the most important nuclear industry and power facilities. The company performs a full range of construction and installation works from engineering to commissioning.

Titan-2 Holding is the general contractor for the construction of the Leningrad NPP-2 power units. The Holding Companies perform all the civil, installation, and electrical works at a construction site. The works are carried out in the reactor, turbine, power supply, water supply, heat cogeneration buildings and other power unit structures.