The visit has taken place within the international ecological expertise of materials justifying the license to operate in the field of atomic energy use. Representatives of several ecological public organizations were in the commission. For the first time foreign specialists have joined the Russian experts.

Vladimir Pereguda, Director of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, has noted that the commission worked very efficiently. The ecological experts got exhaustive answers to their questions. All necessary safety analysis data on the future NPP have been provided to them.

"I am grateful to the ecological organizations, in this case to Green Cross that it initiated this work. It is realization of those public rights, which are defined by the law. The public has the right to ask us questions and to demand explanations of the technical issues. That is what we do. Experts haven't seen in the long term negative impacts on environment and on human life. That is very important. We live here, and our personal security depends on that safety, which we do by the hands", - stressed Vladimir Pereguda emphasized.

According to Sergey Baranovsky, the President of the Russian Green Cross and the Chairman of the Russian ecological congress, this year the decision to involve foreign specialists in expertise was made for the first time. Experts from Finland, Hungary, Armenia and Kazakhstan work in the commission. Foreign colleagues have studied the project, ascertained themselves in its safety, and also saw through their own eyes the construction of new power units.

Laslo Manga, operating engineer Paksi NPP (Hungary)
"I have arrived to the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant with a great interest and I am grateful for the invitation. The construction of new power units of nuclear power plant will begin in the city of Paksi, in Hungary, in the next years. I have visited your construction site and I see that step by step everything goes forward at good pace. At the operational Paksi Nuclear Power Plant I deal with environmental issues and would like to organize cooperation with the Russian colleagues to exchange experience, to learn from each other".

Harry Tuomisto, President, Division of Nuclear Services, Fortum (Finland):

"I took part in design of security systems and containments. And I wanted to have a look how they are implemented. Their correct execution will ensure safe operation of NPP. Base on what we have seen I can tell that works are conducted steadily".