Evgeniy Kaminskiy, Deputy Director of “Hanhikivi-1” programme:
“We have signed the first long-term contract for construction of the nuclear power plant in Finland. It includes supply of concrete to the construction site during 6 years, through 2021.

The winning bidder is a Finnish company “Ruskon Betoni Oy”. It is located in the region of construction of the NPP, it possesses necessary resources and knows peculiarities of local climate conditions. Since “TITAN-2” Holding specializes in construction of nuclear facilities, we understand how important it is to consider all factors, including natural ones.

In order to perform the contract, the Contractor must build two concrete batching plants, certify nuclear concrete with Finland supervision authorities – Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK), and by 2018 start production of heavy concrete. The concrete will be used for construction of turbine and nuclear islands of the future nuclear power plant.

We are sure that this contract will contribute to increase of the number of workplaces for local population, will deploy local quarries and other resources of Pyhajoki region”.

In accordance with the contract, the winning bidder will produce from 15 000 to 130 000 m3 of concrete per year. The production capacity of the concrete batching plants at the construction base will be not less than 120 m3 per hour for each plant
The total output will be nearly 400 000 m3 of concrete for the duration of the contract.

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