Preparation for drilling and basting operations and for pit excavation are in progress on the construction site of the future Finnish NPP. Nablas Oy has already started their duties within the framework of the contract with holding «TITAN-2» in March 2016. The company performs quality control of dust content, noise and vibration levels during pit excavation and operation of crushing plant under the project Hanhikivi 1, as well as monitoring of water runoffs from the settling pond.

Company EHP - Tekniikka shall conduct the monitoring of sea water condition on the area of construction site of the future plant and shall perform the reporting with regard to the dredging works and soil dumping during dredging works in the water area of Hanhikivi 1. The company shall start the rendering of services from the 1st of April, 2016.

Holding «TITAN-2» has established Ecological safety system and approved the Program for Environmental Conservation Activities. This program was created with regard to requirements of Environmental legislation in Russia and Finland and contract documentation for construction.

It should be recalled that following the results of tendering procedures hold by JSC «Rusatom Overseas», JSC «CONCERN TITAN-2» performs functions of the main contractor in construction of Finnish nuclear power plant «Hanhikivi 1» in the Northern part of Finland in Pyhäjoki. Holding «TITAN-2» is regularly audited by the Russian and Finnish authorities. Among other things, the company has received the positive conclusion from the Finnish  Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority STUK.


Sergey Smirnov, Deputy director for construction, Branch of JSC «CONCERN TITAN-2» in Finland:
«Assurance of environmental safety during construction of Finnish NPP in Pyhäjoki is one of our priority tasks during activities for our company. Such ecological surveys shall be performed during all construction activities. The project Hanhikivi 1 includes protection systems and environmental conservation activities, directed to minimization of possible negative impact of NPP to the environment. We, in our turn, always seek for the ways to improve the efficiency of the works in the field of nature conservation. We deliberately have chosen the Finnish companies to perform the ecological monitoring. Today the Project Hanhikivi 1 NPP already involves about 50 Finnish companies, which perform different types of works. We are interested in the expansion of project participants and shall be glad to cooperate also with other Finnish companies».

JSC «CONCERN TITAN-2» is one of the leading engineering companies with complete working cycle in the Russian Federation. Company renders services for engineering, construction and installation works, equipment supply, technical supervision and following technical maintenance of facilities of all types. High competitiveness of TITAN-2 on the market is ensured by employment of effective methods in project management brand-new technologies, matching the highest construction standards.

Contact information: Alexander Entin, deputy director for coordination of project Hanhikivi 1, cell: +7 968 187 7772, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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