Currently, the elements of the outer and inner containments for reactor buildings, process tanks of the plant water treatment system are being manufactured.

Besides, the specialists are preparing to commence assembling the reactor cavity lining. Pipelines and hanger support systems for the Akkuyu NPP are being manufactured in the other shops of LLC TPL.

The construction base employees do not just manufacture the metal structures, but also fully prepare them for shipment to the Republic of Turkey. The products are packed into special protective film and installed into a transport cage. Then, it is delivered to the Bronka port in Saint Petersburg using a special vehicle to be shipped from there to the Vostochny (Eastern) terminal at the Akkuyu NPP construction site. Also the specialists of JSC TITAN TECHNOLOGY PIPELINE accept the products at the site. They carry out incoming inspection of the metal structures and submit them to the customer.

A customized rigging was manufactured for pre-assembly of the reactor cavity lining on the construction base. “By now, the rigging metal structures are fully welded, the geodetic survey and quality control have been performed. It is currently completely ready for installing the reactor cavity lining,” informed Evgeniy Zaytsev, Head of LLC TPL construction base.

The rigging is installed on a special platform. It will be used to transport the entire reactor cavity lining structure in a vertical position outside through the construction base gates for subsequent shipment. The gate opening will be increased to enable this operation.

“It is required to enlarge the gate opening at the construction site to prevent damaging the structure during transportation. The current cavity dimensions do not allow transporting it freely. The opening will be increased in a month and a half during the final stage of the reactor cavity manufacture,” communicated Evgeniy Zaytsev.

The lining will be delivered to the Akkuyu NPP construction site jointly with the rigging and will be installed like this to the reactor cavity.

For information:

The TITAN-2 Holding is a Russian group of companies that builds nuclear facilities. Organisations of the Holding perform the whole cycle of works, from development of basic design documentation to facility commissioning.

The TITAN-2 Holding is the general contractor for construction of the new power units of the Leningrad NPP. At the construction site, the organisations of the Holding perform all civil construction, installation, and electric installation works.

The Holding participates in the construction of Akkuyu NPP in Turkey, Paks II NPP in Hungary and El-Dabaa NPP in Egypt.