The company has already commenced development of basic and detailed design documentation for refueling machine manufacturing for the first Akkuyu power unit. It is scheduled to be supplied in 2022. The delivery of equipment for all four units should be completed in 2025. Installation and commissioning supervision will be finalized in the beginning of 2026.

The refueling machine is designed for loading fuel assemblies to the core and replacement of spent nuclear fuel with fresh fuel during power unit operation. The machine is installed in the reactor building containment over reactor cavity and fuel pool. The assembled refueling machine weighs approximately 55 tons.

Background information:

TITAN-2 Holding is a Russian group of companies building nuclear facilities. Holding companies perform a full cycle of work - from the design documentation development to the commissioning of the facility.

Holding TITAN-2 is a General Contractor for the construction of new power units of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. Holding companies perform all general construction, installation and electrical work at the construction site.

The Holding is a main Contractor for the construction of the Hinhikivi-1 NPP in Finland and the Akkuyu NPP in the Republic of Turkey.