Sealing of inter-panel joints and shaped elements installation are in progress. Specialists began installing thermal panels at the end of March. Installation was carried out from the top of the reactor building. Thermal panels serve not only for aesthetic purposes, but also retain heat.

The reactor outer containment is lined with panels of different thicknesses: panels with a thickness of 80 mm are installed up to the elevation +54.000, and panels with a thickness of 150 mm are installed higher - from the elevation +54.000 to +68.000.

All employees engaged in the buildings lining are skill-category 5 industrial climbers with extensive experience. In addition to installation, they are engaged in welding, installation of ladders and parapets.

Apart from that, work on the reactor building dome is underway. It is also performed by SMU-2 employees. They have to lay roofing materials on the dome.

Background Information:

Holding TITAN-2 is a Russian group of companies building nuclear facilities. Holding companies perform a full cycle of work - from the development of design documentation to the commissioning of the facility.

Holding TITAN-2 is a general contractor for the construction of new power units of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. Holding companies perform all general construction, installation and electrical work at the construction site.

The Holding is a main contractor for the construction of Hanhikivi-1 NPP in Finland and Akkuyu NPP in Turkey.