Construction and installation, electrical installation, commissioning, finishing - all the works were performed by the subsidiaries of the Holding Titan-2.

The officials came to Sosnovy Bor in order to participate in a visiting session of the regular committee of the Northwestern parliamentary assembly on the legal issues. Such sessions are arranged twice a year and gather representatives from all the regions of the Federal District - Kaliningrad through Republic of Komi.

The guests were accompanied to the control station and told about the in-process tests.

As of now, the unit is getting prepared for the industrial operation. The Rostechnadzor commission is in place to confirm the full compliance with the design and state regulations on the nuclear power use.
«It is the first time in recent history of the commissioned power units that the LNPP team succeeded to perform all the dynamic and low power tests at the first go. It means that specialists involved into the start-up and complex equipment testing did a great job and assured 100% quality and requested level of safety», says Chief LNPP Engineer Alexandr Belyaev.


Titan-2 Holding is the largest in the North-West group of companies, constructing the most important nuclear industry and power facilities. The company performs a full range of construction and installation works from engineering to commissioning.

Titan-2 Holding is the general contractor for the construction of the Leningrad NPP-2 power units. The Holding Companies perform all the civil, installation, and electrical works at a construction site. The works are carried out in the reactor, turbine, power supply, water supply, heat cogeneration buildings and other power unit structures.

The Holding is the main contractor for the construction of the Hanhikivi-1 NPP in Finland.