The company became the only bidder for construction of the third start-up facility of the NPP. The maximum contract price was 1,947 billion roubles, which was further reduced by JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 to 1,853 billion roubles during the bidding process.

During construction JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 shall perform all construction and installation works, mechanical works, electrical installations, and start-up works with own resources without engaging third party companies.

Under the tender terms the contractor is obliged to complete all works by December 30th, 2019.


JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 is one of the leading full cycle engineering companies in the Russian Federation. The company provides design, construction and installation, equipment delivery, technical surveillance as well as further technical maintenance services for all types of projects. High competitiveness of TITAN-2 on the market is achieved by the use of effective project management and state-of-the-art construction technologies complying with the most stringent construction standards.

Contact person: Svetlana Kaluzhskaya, Head of PR-service of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2, mobile +7 9819547 3001, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.