PJSC Northern construction department (SUS) started works on Afipka NPZ, LLC – one of the largest oil refineries in the South of Russia. In April a branch of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 started its operations in Krasnodar.

PJSC SUS won the tender for this contract and signed the contract with JSC Optima Energostroy, the general contractor for the project. Main scope of the works shall be done on the Northern construction site of Afipka oil refinery. It includes site utilities, hydro-cracking unit and the diesel fuel hydrotreater.

The first stage of preparatory works prior to construction of main oil refining facilities shall be done by PJSC SUS. Company specialists have already mobilized an onsite construction camp. 105 pieces of equipment are operating at the site. The work scope scheduled for May is 650 thousand cubic meters of soil.

At this point the turn-key contract for a “Diesel fuel hydrotreater” is being finalized, which includes the full scope of the works from design to commissioning and operation personnel training. The facility will allow treatment of diesel fuel to comply with Euro-5 standard.


The Holding “Titan-2” is the largest in the North-West group of companies, erecting the most important objects of the nuclear industry and energy. The organization performs a full range of construction and installation works from engineering to commissioning.

The Holding “Titan-2” is one of the main contractors for the construction of power units No. 1 and No. 2 of the Leningradskaya NPP-2. Main organizations of the company perform 30% of general construction and 80% of installation works on the site. Specialists of the holding are engaged on the objects of the Leningradskaya NPP-2 first and second power units. The works are being performed in the buildings of the reactor, turbine, electricity, water, heating system and other structures of power units.