The reason to file a claim against Joint Stock Company Metrostroy specializing in construction of St. Petersburg subway was its failure to fulfill its contract commitments to build the power unit No. 1 at the Leningrad NPP-2. Metrostroy has actually broken the deadline to complete a number of the major facilities. Delay on some works is more than 100 days.

Besides violation of works schedules, JSC Metrostroy have not been providing as-built documentation for the accomplished works to the general contractor for a long period.

Due to the specified violations a few milestones have been accomplished later than scheduled at the power unit No. 1 of LAES-2, such as building of civil works structures on the dome of the reactor building, completion of concreting of the dome of an external containment of the reactor building.

Work completion deadlines on installation of fire extinguishing systems have been violated entailing untimely execution of a milestone "Power supply provision for own needs" directly affecting other milestones ensuring timely commissioning of the power unit No. 1

The cost of works under the agreement is 31.726 Bln rubles. Under the terms of the agreement the penalty amounts to 1.479 Bln rubles.

In these circumstances, to observe the predetermined terms of construction JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 is compelled to replace Metrostroy on LAES-2 facilities. Hence, the company incurs substantial finance costs.

It should be noted that thanks to efforts of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2, it succeeded to overcome a delay in the project.

The Court of Arbitration of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region has entertained an action and appointed the first meeting on September 26th, 2016.

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