The company manufactures high-pressure and low-pressure pipelines, construction and process metal structures, equipment and tanks for various purposes, carbon and stainless steel parts and assemblies for process pipelines.

The facilities are equipped with modern process machinery, which enables to implement the full manufacturing process: from metal supply and control to the output of finished products. The company includes 5 divisions: the pipeline shop, the steel structures shop, the reinforcement shop, the paint shop and the machining shop that provide the full cycle of high-quality equipment production.

All products undergo quality control and meet international standards.

Types of works:

  • Welding (argon-arc, manual and semi-automatic gas tungsten welding and automatic submerged-arc welding);
  • Turning and milling for high precision machining of products;
  • Bending, cutting and rolling of sheet steel, profiles of various configurations;
  • Cutting, bending and threading of reinforcement bar;
  • Shot blasting and shot cleaning;
  • Application of metal-sprayed, protective, decontaminating and chemically resistant coatings on steel structures, pipes, vessels and ventilation systems.

Product range:

  • Parts and components of process pipelines (from carbon and stainless steel, 10 to 2400 mm in diameter, high-pressure and low-pressure, bends and elbows - welded and bent);
  • Welded reducers; welded sheet steel and turned tees;
  • Fittings and flanges;
  • Vessels, tanks, reservoirs;
  • Equipment of localization safety systems: steel linings with embedded parts, elements of steel containments, hatches, doors, locks, stairs, pipeline penetrations, air ducts for ventilation equipment;
  • Supporting and bearing structures, building and structure frames, crane runways, platforms, monorails, enclosing structures, frameworks, beams, collar beams, columns;
  • Spatial structures - trusses;
  • Steel structures of any complexity;
  • Support structures;
  • Elements of the support and suspension system;
  • Reinforcement bars with thread for mechanical coupling;
  • Reinforcing mesh and structures;
  • Bent reinforced steel.

    The machining workshop produces:

    - Tees;

    - Reducers;

    - Threaded couplings;

    - Nuts (thread: meter / inch);

    - Washers;

    - Orifice gages;

    - Flow diaphragms;

    - Flat and collar flanges;

    - Expanding blinds;

    - Spectacle blinds;

    - Pipe nipples;

    - Fittings, nipples.

Main projects:

  • Leningrad NPP-2 (Sosnovy Bor)
  • Hanhikivi-1 NPP (Finland)
  • Leningrad NPP 
  • Federal state unitary enterprise “Aleksandrov Research Institute of Technology”
  • Volleyball center in Sosnovy Bor
Valid licenses:

· License CE-12-101-4414 dated December 25, 2017 from Rostechnadzor for the manufacture of equipment for nuclear facilities, radiation sources, storage facilities for nuclear materials and radioactive substances, radioactive waste storage facilities.

· Quality Management System Certificate of compliance with the international standard ISO 9001.

· Environmental Management System Certificate of compliance with the international standard ISO 14001.

· Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate of compliance with the international standard OHSAS 18001.

· Internal production control Certificate of compliance with the requirements of EN 1090-2 for the production of load-bearing steel structures up to EXC4.

· Certificate confirming fulfillment of welding requirements for quality under ENISO 3834-2.

· An independent laboratory accredited to the EN ISO 17025 standard is contracted for non-destructive and destructive testing.



General Director – Sergei Gavrikov

Chief Accountant – Tatiana Nesterova

Legal address:

188540, Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region, Koporskoye shosse, 70

Mailing address:

188540, Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region, PO box 559

Tel.: +7 (81369) 7-39-46

Fax: +7 (81369) 7-39-40 

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Bank details:

INN: 4726003111, KPP: 472601001,     

OGRN 1174704005244 OKVED 25.30.22

OKPO 15412501

Settlement account 40702810935200000157 in the St. Petersburg branch of JSC RUSSIAN AGRICULTURAL BANK

BIK 044030910

Correspondent account 30101810900000000910