The Company installs electrical equipment, including switchgears and substations, overhead power lines, cable lines and bus ducts, indoor and outdoor lighting, automation systems, instrumentation, low-current systems and fiber optic telecommunication lines.

The company has its own line of electrical products. JSC SEM’s installation and billet preparation section is fitted with modern equipment and staffed by experienced personnel. It is charged with the assembly of billets, pre-assembly of equipment and metalwork and manufacture of industrial products and customized non-standard equipment.

With its experienced and competent staff, available certificates for all types of works and modern production base, the Company is able to participate in large-scale projects for the construction of industrial or energy facilities, residential complexes or social or recreational buildings.


  • electric installation of all types of electrical plants and equipment;
  • installation of cable metalwork;
  • installation of automation systems, instrumentation and locking relay sets;
  • construction of power systems;
  • manufacturing of electrical equipment (enclosures of wall-mounted lighting switchboards, prefabricated control boxes PCB 5000, valve actuator modules, distribution points DP 12, standardized products for electric drive connection points, supports (disassembly and assembly stands) with instrumentation piping for NPPs and TPPs, KB, terminal, power take-off and plastic junction boxes and wiring ducts); and
  • development of design, engineering, production and process documents.

Performance: approximately 4,200 km of cable per year


The organization was established in 1968 to construct the Leningrad NPP. At that time it was named MSU 32.

Following its corporatization, MSU 32 was transformed into JSC SEM. In 1995, having merged with MSU 90, the company gave rise to the establishment of Titan-2 Holding.

Main projects:

Leningrad NPP, Leningrad NPP-2, Ignalina NPP, Pervomayskaya TPP, Novgorod Chemical Plant (LLC ACRON), North-Western TPP, Kursk and Smolensk NPPs, Kirishi Oil Refinery (LLC KINEF), Aleksandrov Institute of Research and Technology, Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI), South-Western TPP, Baltic NPP and Novy Urengoy Gas Chemical Facility.



Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Gobis, General Director

Olga Viktorovna Kavylina, Chief Accountant

Office location:

64, Koporskoye Shosse, Leningrad Reion, 188540 Sosnovy Bor, Russia

 Executive Assistant of JSC SEM phone/fax: (81369) 7-39-30,

 (81369) 7-30-40, ext. 1606

 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank details:

INN/KPP 4714000363/471401001, 

OGRN 1024701760005, OKPO 11171325 

Settlement account 40702810801000001607 at the Sosnovy Bor Branch of Tavricheskiy Bank (OJSC), Sosnovy Bor 

Correspondent account 30101810300000000748  

BIK 044106748