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The equipment will be installed at its proper location, at the elevation of +26.000 of the reactor building, by JSC MSU-90 specialists. 

The differences between the Russian and the Finnish culture of contractual relations and special aspects of requirements for the content of contracts under the Hanhikivi-1 NPP project were discussed at the meeting.

The equipment is located at the elevation of -3.000 of the turbine building of the second power unit of the LNPP under construction. 

Employees of JSC MSU-90 are performing de-preservation of the equipment and its further installation at its proper location.

This operation is one of the most important along with installation of the reactor, steam generators, reactor coolant pump sets in the course of the construction of VVER-1200 Power Unit No. 2 of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant.

Specialists of the branch for construction of facilities of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 work at the construction site using their own resources. 

Specialists and their families visited various facilities of the power plant under construction.

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