Every year JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 invites students’ construction teams to works at facilities under construction. One of the main events during summer season is a tour around the operating nuclear power plant.

By this time, eight building support pillars have been mounted and the foundation frame has been arranged.

The main circulation piping connects the equipment of the first NPP loop, so the welding of the main circulation piping is one of the most important stages of the thermal installation works at the power unit construction.

The event was held in the Fennovoima training center in Puhäjoki.

The major crane elements have been delivered to the reactor building site of the second power unit of LNPP under construction.

This year more than two hundred students from ten regions of Russia participate in Multiregional student construction – Atom for Peace LNPP-2018 project.

For the time being, the specialist of JSC MSU-90, subsidiary company of TITAN-2 holding, have performed 70% of the total welding scope.

The specialists of JSC MSU-90 and JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 performed the installation. The dome was installed to the height of more than 50 meters.

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