On 18 October 2017, a decision was made during the court session on the case A56-50311 / 2016 to recover 526 858 448 rubles from OJSC Metrostroy. In addition to the claim amount the defendant must also compensate the costs of the plaintiff, JSC CONCERN TITAN-2, in the amount of 192 405 rubles of state duty.

To protect from exposure, the main elements of the reactor plant – the steam generators – were covered with special structures.

The meeting took place on the construction site of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. Employees of the holding met with Sergei Obozov, PSR development director of the Rosatom State Corporation. 

JSC "CONCERN TITAN-2" is the  construction contractor. Currently, tree removal is underway at the area of the construction site. Within a month, specialists will have to clear the area from vegetation and to prepare the site for earthworks. The completion of the center construction is scheduled for the  fall of 2019.

The operations involve specialists of the NPP, servicemen, and representatives of the  holding TITAN-2 subsidiary,  JSC MSU-90, who installed the equipment of the reactor plant.

Today fire fighting and temporary heating systems are being installed. This will enable safe work in the warm building during the winter. 

The work is performed by specialists of the Third Unit of JSC MSU-90. They are experienced installers who successfully completed installation of a turbine of the yet-to-be constructed LNPP Power Unit 1, which is now being prepared for commissioning.

This is the main equipment of the reactor plant. The pressurizer weight is 187.4 tons,  length is 13.2 meters, and  it is more than 3 meters in diameter.

Specialists of JSC MSU-90 and JSC Northern construction department conducted the operation of lifting the large-size equipment.

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