Construction and installation, electrical installation, commissioning, finishing - all the works were performed by the subsidiaries of the Holding Titan-2.

All the buildings were made by the Titan-2 subsidiaries: Northern Construction Department, Concern Titan-2, JSC SEM and JSC MSU-90.

Received document confirms that the complex of interconnected equipment and structures of the starter power unit designed for electric power generation and transmission to the North-West unified power system is fully serviceable.

The event was arranged by Fennovoima and supported by JSC CONCERN TITAN-2, RAOS Project Oy as well as other stakeholders.

Works are planned to be completed prior to warm season, i.e. within the time period when average temperature is minimum +5◦C.

Along with the dome, the building high reaches the elevation of +66.600 m.

The JSC MSU-90 employees are installing rotors to the turbine flow section.

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