Today fire fighting and temporary heating systems are being installed. This will enable safe work in the warm building during the winter. 

The work is performed by specialists of the Third Unit of JSC MSU-90. They are experienced installers who successfully completed installation of a turbine of the yet-to-be constructed LNPP Power Unit 1, which is now being prepared for commissioning.

This is the main equipment of the reactor plant. The pressurizer weight is 187.4 tons,  length is 13.2 meters, and  it is more than 3 meters in diameter.

Specialists of JSC MSU-90 and JSC Northern construction department conducted the operation of lifting the large-size equipment.

Finnish partners saw the work progress at Power Unit 1 of the LNPP under construction and assembly of the Power Unit 2 steam generator.

Cladding of twenty facilities of Power Unit 1 of the NPP under construction is going on. Among them are the reactor and turbine island buildings, administrative-laboratory and utility complex and auxiliary buildings. 

The complex accommodates offices of the NPP administrative personnel, a meeting room, a canteen, and laboratories. For easy moving and safety of employees all parts of the complex are interconnected through pedestrian galleries.

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