All 163 fuel assemblies were installed and the preparation for the nuclear reaction start has begun.

The event was organized by JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 together with RAOS Project Oy, the supplier of Hanhikivi-1 NPP. 

It includes loading nuclear fuel into the reactor, bringing the reactor to the minimum controlled power level and conducting required physical experiments.

Currently, the delivery of completed mechanical installation works and the documentation execution are underway. 

This is required for a safe connection of a new power unit to the grid since the load on the grid will go up. 

The power unit 2 reactor vessel, weighing more than three hundred tons, was installed at the design location.

Mr. Grigory Naginsky, General Director of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2, made a report on the experience of work management under the Hanhikivi-1 NPP project in Finland.

JSC SOSNOVOBORELEKTROMONTAZH team installed these facilities.

Currently, the equipment revision is being completed here after the tests before the reactor first criticality.

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