PJSC Northern construction department (SUS) started works on Afipka NPZ, LLC – one of the largest oil refineries in the South of Russia. In April a branch of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 started its operations in Krasnodar. 

Its role is to provide exhaust ventilation in the reactor building and all auxiliary buildings of the nuclear island. 

The delegation included representatives of the companies participating in construction of Finnish Hanhikivi 1 NPP together with JSC CONCERN TITAN-2.

Scheduled testing of the internal containment of the reactor was performed by AtomTechEnergo company. During the first testing stage the containment was vacuum pumped, followed by a sonic and visual test of the reinforced concrete structure. Tests proved air-tightness of the containment.

During second stage compressed air was fed into the containment in order to create the necessary pressure level, confirming tightness of the reactor containment.

Finnish experts were interested in the testing procedure, as well as the test results. In future they will use this experience in construction of Hanhikivi 1 NPP.


The Holding “Titan-2” is the largest in the North-West group of companies, erecting the most important objects of the nuclear industry and energy. The organization performs a full range of construction and installation works from engineering to commissioning.

The Holding “Titan-2” is one of the main contractors for the construction of power units No. 1 and No. 2 of the Leningradskaya NPP-2. Main organizations of the company perform 30% of general construction and 80% of installation works on the site. Specialists of the holding are engaged on the objects of the Leningradskaya NPP-2 first and second power units. The works are being performed in the buildings of the reactor, turbine, electricity, water, heating system and other structures of power units.

This equipment important for the future nuclear plant was mounted and prepared for the operation by subsidiary companies of the holding "TITAN-2". 

The head of the region highly appreciated the work progress and noted that the pace of construction declared by the management of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom" and General contractor JSC "CONCERN TITAN-2" is fully maintained. 

At the hearing on 10 April the decision was announced, according to which the sum was enforced by action from JSC "Metrostroy" in favor of JSC "CONCERN TITAN-2".

The total amount stated was 160 294 223,89 rubles. It is a penalty for the price of unfulfilled work stages  at the New Power Units construction site of the Leningrad nuclear power station. The company "Metrostroy”  did not recognize the claim and stated that reduction of the penalty was required.

In addition, still in force is the decision of the court on collecting from JSC "Metrostroy" the unjust enrichment in the amount of 249 931 216 rubles, as well as 200 000 rubles state duty related to the case.

This decision is based on the fact that according to the contract for the complex set of commissioning work for the new power units of the Leningrad nuclear power station, OAO "Metrostroy” and JSC "CONCERN TITAN-2"  agreed on estimated limits of reimbursement of travelling expenses and transportation of the workers. Thus, JSC "CONCERN TITAN-2" not only reimbursed expenses of JSC "Metrostroy" within the specified limits, but made an overpayment, in consequence of which an unjust enrichment was formed on the side of "Metrostroy”, which is subject to be returned to the JSC "CONCERN TITAN-2".

JSC "Metrostroy” disagreed with the decision and filed an appeal in an arbitration appellate court. By Decree dated April 20 the court of appeal left the appealed decision without change, the appeal without satisfaction.

At present, according to the contracts concluded with the JSC “CONCERN TITAN-2”, the JSC "Metrostroy” is completing the work on the construction of the new power units of the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

The current task is to erect walls up to level +23,000. After that metal floors shall be assembled for different levels. 

Installation and assembly works of the construction camp have started at the Hanhikivi-1 NPP site, Finland. Works are performed by a Finnish company Rakennuskartio Oy, Lehto Group.

This operation will take 72 days.

Cold phase includes hydraulic tests to verify tightness and strength of reactor plant components,  circulation flushing of  the primary and secondary circuits, their water chemistry adjustment, verification of design values of thermohydraulic, strength, vibration, dynamic characteristics of the reactor plant and of the primary circuit equipment.

As for the hot run, this is performed in order to confirm operability of the main and auxiliary equipment and reactor plant systems when they are already in the design, operating modes. During this sub-phase experts shall run the four reactor coolant pump sets for 100 hours at hot parameters (temperature of +260°С minimum), blow down main steam lines with their own steam, conduct safety systems integrated tests, check the auxiliary power supply system, reactor plant control and protection systems.

Vladimir Pereguda, Leningrad NPP director:

- We have come to the power unit commissioning phase. According to the Russian and international NPP safety norms and rules it is required to verify high quality of installation operations applied when erecting the equipment and process systems, and confirm that the Power Unit will be operating in full compliance with the design. For this end, more than one hundred of pre-start tests are to be performed during the cold and hot run for the reactor plant equipment and systems.

(material provided by the Information and PR Department of the Leningrad NPP)

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