The Company is engaged in the commissioning of various technological, electrical and automation systems and has its own certified electrical laboratory for the testing of electrical networks, including high-voltage ones, and a metrology laboratory. The Company’s specialists carry out over 1,000 high-voltage tests and calibrate about 2,000 measuring instruments per year.

OJSC TEN has commissioned all units of Leningrad NPP-1, and specifically has been involved in a project for extending the life of Power Units 3 and 4 of Leningrad NPP-1 and a project for the reconstruction of a solid and liquid radioactive waste treatment and storage facility. OJSC TEN’s experts have been directly involved in a package of commissioning works for the separation and loading of spent radioactive fuel into special containers, which has allowed to transport it to safe long-term storage facilities.

OJSC TEN has arranged and conducted an integrated survey of 25 buildings and facilities and 300 systems using the research reactor of Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (Gatchina). It has arranged and performed commissioning works which have allowed to prepare the research reactor for a physical start-up.

OJSC TEN’s specialists are currently implementing initial-stage commissioning works in respect of 160 subsystems that are important to the safety of Leningrad NPP-2 Power Unit 1, which is currently under construction.


  • acting as a general contractor in performing commissioning works;
  • commissioning of technological, electrical, special and automated process control systems, the main and auxiliary technological systems of a reactor, the reactor compartment of a NPP, and technological systems of the auxiliary facilities of a NPP, which are intended for the storage and processing of nuclear fuel and radioactive waste;
  • high-voltage testing of electrical equipment up to 750 kV;
  • metrological calibration of thermophysical and electrical measuring instruments and temperature, pressure and vacuum indicators and calibration of elements of information-measuring systems;
  • metrological examination of developed technical documentation;
  • adjustment of engineering equipment for protected areas and checkpoints and technical means of physical protection;
  • adjustment of security and fire alarm systems of buildings and facilities; and
  • adjustment of fixed and cable communications, radio, television, video surveillance and automation systems and computer equipment of buildings and facilities.

Performance: Over 1,000 high-voltage tests per year


OJSC TEN was established as part of TITAN-2 Holding in March 2006 to perform a full range of commissioning works at the facilities of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant and other nuclear facilities being or to be constructed by TITAN-2 Holding.

OJSC TEN’s specialists have experience in carrying out complex and unique commissioning works at all units of Leningrad NPP-1. The Company has been involved in the commissioning of Unit 4 of the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant and has provided contract management services in carrying out commissioning works by its own efforts and by those of its subcontractors using the research reactor of Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute.

Main projects:

Leningrad NPP-1, Leningrad NPP-2, Kalinin NPP, Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (Gatchina, Leningrad Region), North-Western TPP (St. Petersburg), Kirishi Oil Refinery (LLC KINEF) (Leningrad Region) and Regional Center for the Conditioning and Long-Term Storage of Radioactive Waste in Sayda Guba, Murmansk Region.



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