Notice Changes
07.10.2020 02.11.2020 306 Catering Services in the Building of Canteen for 600 Seats 92UYD Open for Bids
Electronic trade platform Procurement_notice_306 Notice_of_change_306
06.10.2020 16.10.2020 224 Arrangement of the Road Surface, Curb Stones and Sidewalks; Road Marking; Arrangement of a Smoking Area; Installation of Road Signs; Arrangement of Drainage Ditches on the Territory of the Facilities of 96UZD ‘Parking Place for Passenger Cars’, 94UYA, 95UYA ‘Administrative Building for 200 Persons’, and 92UYD ‘Canteen for 600 Seats Processing of the Bids
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02.10.2020 23.10.2020 524 Reinstallation of navigation buoy No. R2 of 10UPF seawater intake channel Open for Bids
Procurement notice 524 Notice_of_change_524
01.10.2020 16.10.2020 224.1 Performance of works for arrangement of the external power supply and lighting networks for parking place for passenger cars 96UZD Processing of the Bids
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29.09.2020 02.11.2020 102.1.2 Supply and Installation of Metalworking Process Line and Process Equipment for Reinforcement Workshop (93UST). Equipment for Manufacturing of Reinforcement Units Open for Bids
Electronic trading platform Procurement notice 102.1.2 Notice_of_change_102.1.2
29.09.2020 02.11.2020 102.1.1 Supply and Installation of Metalworking Process Line and Process Equipment for Reinforcement Workshop (93UST). Equipment for Metal Treatment Open for Bids
Electronic trading platform Procurement notice 102.1.1 Notice_of_change_102.1.1
31.08.2020 02.10.2020 218.1 Arrangement of outer wall envelope and roof structures, arrangement of floors, arrangement of walls and partitions, premise interior finishing, arrangement of internal water supply, sewage, heating and ventilation networks for buildings 95UST Chief Mechanic and Chief Power Engineer’s Shops, 96UST Pre-Installation Shop and 98UST Turbine Shop Processing of the Bids
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27.08.2020 08.09.2020 501 Replacement of 20 kV cable line between 95UAD and 92UAD transformer substations Cancelled
- Termination notice 501
07.08.2020 19.08.2020 505.1 Manufacturing, delivery and installation of caissons of 10UPG culvert at the standby seawater channel Processing of the Bids
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06.08.2020 10.08.2020 506 Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Silt Curtain for the Period of Construction of 10UQF Facility Seawater Offtake Channel Processing of the Bids
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04.08.2020 11.08.2020 512 Arrangement of crushed stone embankment for drilling equipment installation Cancelled
- Termination_notice_512
30.07.2020 17.08.2020 515 Execution of works on mathematical modeling of heat discharge recirculation and waste water dilution on the Hanhikivi-1 NPP Processing of the Bids
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17.06.2020 24.06.2020 174.1 Supply of Equipment for the Storm Drainage System of Block-Modular Boiler House 92UTH Cancelled
- Termination_notice_174.1
12.05.2020 26.05.2020 307 Installation and commissioning of sewage pumping equipment VP-0 Processing of the Bids
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10.04.2020 24.04.2020 223 Construction of Turbine Equipment Storage Area 97UZC (Reinforced Concrete Structures) and Arrangement of Foundations for Lighting Poles Processing of the Bids
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18.08.2017 16.10.2017 FH1-17-(001-024) Qualification of participants of the request for proposals for supply of priority equipment for “Hanhikivi 1” NPP Processing of the Bids
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